Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pastels: Day 3

Pastels Day 3 is all about my fave.....pastel pink!!
As you all know, pink is my favorite color of all time and in any way, shape or form...I love pink!
Here are some pastel pink loves!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pastels: Day 2

Pastels Day 2 is all about Pastel green! I love this sort of seafoamy green color in anything from a cute skirt to an old fashion camera. A pastel green mug is a really cute way to show off your love for pastels too. Nothing like a nice hot cup of tea in a cute Easter colored mug...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pastels: Day 1

Pastels are the colors that remind us all of Spring and of Easter! They remind us of Easter egg hunts and our cute Easter dresses (or maybe not so cute) as a kid. For me, pastels make me so happy. They are so soft and feminine and pastel colors look good on pretty much everyone! Day 1 of pastels is "Pastel Yellow". Here are some loves!!
Lilly Elliot Shirt drs
1-Lilly Pulitzer Dress
2- Anthropologie Sunglasses
3-ShopBop dress
4-J.Crew Painter Cardi
5-J.Crew Seersucker Swimsuit

Sunday, March 28, 2010

patio seating!

Patio seating is a priority during the Spring and even Summer months! There is almost nothing that beats a cold beverage on a patio! I spent almost my entire Saturday for the past 2 weekends straight, outside at a patio relaxing with friends over a few drinks and appetizers. (oh and dogs too- which makes it evennn better)

I don't require much when it comes to being outdoors; but here are some things that make it even better!

1- Cornhole: really, any games that you can play outdoors are great
2- Adirondack Chairs- these are the perfect outdoor chairs! Lounge back and enjoy the large armrests at the same time
3- Koozies: a koozie is a must when it comes to having a drink outdoors in the heat. warm drinks are no fun.
4- Sunglasses: You must have sunglasses for a day outside on a patio! It's not fun to squint and chat with friends
5- dogs, dogs and more dogs! the more the merrier when it comes to being outside. "Dogs Allowed" is a muct when it comes to outdoor patios
6-fun summer drinks: anything with an umbrella makes me happy! And if it's the color pink..even better!
7- Good friends- of course! can't do this stuff alone!

Happy days in the sun!! XOXO

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

having more fun!

If blondes really do have more fun, then I should be having alot of fun today! Yes, so I finally got my hair done after a long awaited appointment and being torn between going blonde (the usual) or heading towards natural. I know! Crazy. Who was I kidding?

Anyways, couldn't be happier and atleast for now; I think that blondes definitely have more fun!
XOXO Happy Thursday!

initial here...

To go along with my love for monogramming; these initial necklaces from Jennifer Zeuner and Helen Ficalora are the perfect essential for any girls jewelry box! Yes, you might have seen these on The Hills and worn by my girl LC. So go ahead...and initial here!



Monday, March 22, 2010

messenger bag!

I'm loving the messenger bag! Not only is it hands-free, but there are such cute one's out there now. Unlike when I was growing up and the closest thing to a "cute messenger bag" was The Sak. Remember that?! Wow, thank you Chanel, Marc Jacobs and many others for helping all of us girls (and some very metro men) with finding the perfect messenger bag. We love it.

2-Matt and Nat
3- Marc by Marc Jacobs
4- Lauren Merkin

For a bargain messenger, here are some choices from Froever 21 and Banana Republic!

coffee Mondays!

Monday, oh Monday! Not my favorite day of the week and a day that I'm in definite need of a nice cup of coffee (or 2 or 3). Preferably with a friend at a coffeeshop, or with a good magazine and a croissant. Here is a Monday afternoon daydream....

might have to take a trip to the coffee machine soon and get a little vanilla latte pick-me-up!

Happy Monday! XOXO

Friday, March 19, 2010

if I had a million dollars...

If I had a million dollars (or even just a small portion of that- let's be serious); one of the many things I'd invest in are a pair of fabulous designer shoes!! Miu Miu, Christian Louboutin, Phillip Lim, could I choose just one?? (So I probably wouldn't) And with the first official day of Spring tomorrow; it goes without saying that it's a sandal obsession that I'm after! To go along with my Thursday afternoon daydream, here is another one for my love of designer shoes (that I can't afford).
I also wanted to mention a fabulous blog called Sea of Shoes, that my friend Merris just introduced me to. So instead of dreaming about designer shoes...she actually has them in her closet! But for are some sandal loves to dream of.

pics via
Happy 1st Day of Spring Eve!! XOXO

Thursday, March 18, 2010

mini daydream!

This week has been so hectic and it's one of those times when I just want to pack it up and go somewhere! I'm not sure where this "somewhere" would be....but anywhere but inside at my computer. This is my mini Thursday afternoon daydream!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

seeing green: St. Patricks Day!!!

Since today is St. Patrick's Day, it is all about "everything green"!! Hope this gets your St. Patrick's Day off to a great and green start!

Sorry Patrick, no pictures of you- but Happy St. YOU Day!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!! XOXO
pictures via weheart and flickr

Monday, March 15, 2010

seeing green 2!

The countdown to St. Patrick's Day continues....and day 2 of green is all about cute skirts, fun jewelry, bags, heels and more. here are some green style loves! Whatever it is....just make sure you don't get pinched!
Jason WuNet-a-porter
via net-a-porter, kate spade, l.pullitzer, nadinoo, kenneth jay lane, nordstrom

Sunday, March 14, 2010

seeing green!

With St. Patrick's Day on the horizon and lots of festivities this weekend, I am in the mood for the color green!! Today is all about decorating with the color green. Whether it's a duvet cover, a couch or draperies. Here are some green decor ideas!

pictures via

pictures via